VSCC Silverstone - April 2008

Having had such bitterly cold weather for the last two events, we set off for this meeting with all the thermals available only to find that we were basking in hot sunshine which was fantastic.

The VSCC has a huge diversity of cars and with 226 entered in 11 races it was an interesting paddock to explore.
The feeling that some members are totally nuts was really quite refreshing. Most competitors had tried to display their cars as requested although it was still difficult to take a photograph without getting trailers and vans in it.

Trailer thieves had been working the area and on Friday night stole two from inside a seriously locked compound covered by security cameras. However they blacked their number-plates which prevented recognition – a professional group – it was thought by Ecurie Bertelli who arrived with one of Hubert Fabri’s Aston Martins on a ‘resurrected from the dump’ trailer which had definitely seen better days.
There were various reported mishaps arriving at the circuit. Erika followed a trailer which disembarked its car at a roundabout, stopping 2" from her car and a white E type was apparently being very friendly with a lamp-post whilst police were trying to remove a modern car from a ditch after it had cosied up to another lamp-post.

Fewer race incidents than we have sadly come to expect although a fair amount of oil on the circuit again and several engine ‘blow-ups’.

An inexplicable spin by Nick Mason at the start of the complex was blamed by some people on the lack of warming-up lap (in order to make up lost time) which left the tyres and brakes cold – apparently not a good thing on R5s.

An enjoyable meeting with a predominance of ‘owner-driver-mechanic’ which is how it should be, and oh! that sun made a difference!